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Research on Market Operating Mechanism

Research on Market Operating Mechanism

Nowadays, the digital and networked information environment has brought great convenience to people’s lives. It is the extensive use of information technology and the rapid development of Internet that has accelerated the global informatization. Thus, the digital information service has become a hot issue. As the market is the key to maintain and function the economic relations, the study of market operating mechanism of digital information would be of great significance. This article is trying to describe the composition of digital information service market with positive analysis, and also analyze its operating mechanism from three aspects: price, supply and demand, as well as competition. At the same time, we also expound the existing problem to present situation of digital information service.

In the era of information economy, information has become the most important resource, and the degree of industrialization and the quality of service has become an essential landmark of measuring the informatization level and even the comprehensive power of one country. Digital Information Service is responsible for providing useful information to the user by integrated access to different forms of information resources, which is a product of integration of information services with network development, and now becomes a form of global information services market. Market is the key to maintain and function the economic relations; the operating mechanism of the market has been the focus of attention. Thus, the study of market operating mechanism of digital information would be of great significance. Digital Marketing Company Arudhra Innovations

The market subject of digital information services •Information Producers: Information producers mainly refer to the original producers of information, such as articles, books and other works of individual authors, as well as the government departments, enterprises and other organization who engage in information gathering and dissemination. [1] •Information Content Providers: Content providers are a series of enterprises, institutions or organizations that can collect information through organizational procedures. Like publishing, magazines, government information centers, non-profit libraries, they provide original information for information agency or content services providers according to user requirements based on the market. •Consumer groups: Consumer group is including business, government departments, industry associations, schools, institutes and other social institutions and individuals and so on. •Management supervisors: The management supervisors of digital information service refer to the related government department who is responsible for supervising and controlling the digital information service market; the mediation of the contradictions and problems to protect the information sovereignty and information security, as well as legitimate interests of service providers and users.

Research on Market Operating Mechanism

The market object of digital information service 1)Digital Information Services: Digital information services includes various forms of information resources and analysis results (local, remote, owned, licensed, free, commercial, digital, bibliographic, whole-length, linkable, multimedia as well as time and space crisscross data). 2)Network Platform: On network platform, enterprises must undertake further analysis on the information according to user’s requirements, and take re-organization to make information more value-added. Also we must complete the Information Platform construction, and a variety of hardware and software maintenance. We usually divide Network Platform into three parts: a)Hardware support: including system integrators, device manufacturers, telecommunication transmission, information security services, hardware maintenance, etc.b)Software and technical support: including software developers, application development, IT service providers, etc. c)Digital information service terminal systems: including digital content service providers, database service providers, information consulting services, digital design and cultural innovation, e-government services systems, etc https://arudhrainnovations.com/